Q.What accessories can be included?

                                  This projector is ready to use out of the box.

                                  Included HDMI wire, Power cable and remote.


                 Q:What?s the resolution ?

                            Perfect 1080x1920 native resolution.


                 Q:Will it play MP4 files off of a usb ?

                           Yes, this projector can play mp4 files off of a usb.

                 Q:Is it 30000 hours or just 20000 hours?

                          The life of the projector is more than 30000 Hours. 


                 Q:What is the Voltage for this projector ? 100-240 V ?

                          100~240VAC (Auto Switching), 50-60Hz (universal) 

                 Q:Does this have an hdmi input?

                           Sure, with 2*HDMI port, and there is also 1*VGA input, 2*USB port, 1*TV port, 1* audio input/output.


                 Q:Does this projector support 16:9?
                           Yes, it supports 16:9,  and 4:3 is available.


                Q:Does it work with a PC ?

                         Sure, you can connect via HDMI .


                Q:Does this have built in wifi and bluetooth?

                         No, this is our first version, we will add these functions in the future.

                Q:What is the noise level?
                        Low noise (<35db). Enjoy quite and comfortable life. Can't even hear the fan unless distinctly listening for it. 

               Q:Can i play movies in my backyard ?

                       Yes, you can play movies in your back yard during the Summer Nights. you can also used it on living room, bedroom and so on.


             Q:What size of screen is best to use with this projector? 

                      It depends on room size and desired purpose. Our customer like to over 100" and enjoy it.


              Send your questions details in the below, Click "Send" now and we will reply you within 24 hours.  Thanks. 




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